The story of Edwin Humphreys in 100 albums.

It almost a given that people who listen to the welsh language music scene have come accross Edwin’s contributions over the last 35 years be it inadvertantly or not. Being on 100 albums is quite a milestone.

His own personal story is equally interesting and begins in the army at the beginning of the eighties. Indeed the first of the one hundred is an album of the massed bands of drifferent regiments. Music is important to him and is key to how he came to leave the army.

We hear of his contributions to various bands over the years, including
Jecsyn Ffeif, Bod Delyn a’r Ebillion and Geraint Lovgreen a’r Enw Da.

The journey ends back on the Llŷn peninsula at his Stiwdio Pant Yr Hwch. This is where Edwin welcomes bands, singers and choirs, old and new to record in a relaxed yet productive atmosphere.

It is an opportunity to enjoy, to get to know, and sing the praises of one the Welsh music scene’s most iconic figures.

This warm, textured programme is a vivid reflection of a fascinating man. Full of anecdote and surprise, the listeners come to know Edwin from young guardsman to innovative and passionate campaigner for the theraputic role of music via, of course, those 100 Albums.

  • The story of Edwin Humphreys in 100 albums.

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