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'Dadra' by Gruffudd Owen

A sit-com penned by winner of the National Eisteddfod Chair in Cardiff in 2018 Gruffudd Owen, it tells the story of Euros Jones, full time dad follwong the recent birth of his son, and worrier. The series combines the innocencce of the 'Detectorists', the honest cynicism of 'Fleabag' and the charming Welsh wit of 'C’mon Midffild.' Whilst appealing to millenials and young parents in particular it gives us all an insight into what exactly is worrying that audience namely parenting, sex, love, depression, growing old and money.

Set on a park bench the first programme features Euros (Gruffudd Owen) and young stressed out mum Llio (Manon Wilkinson) discussing amongst other things baby food, sex, loneliness and generally bitching about other young and trendy parents who seem to have more success with this parenting lark than them.

Despite being a comedy there are some interesting and intense moments which give us a more emotional and endearing feel to what is essentially a light hearted look at the ‘angst’ of Welsh urban life in the 21st century.


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